New Plot line

I’ve had a couple of fairly busy days, so not got a lot done, but today managed 2.2k words, so we’re getting back on track.  our hero Marc now has a definite date for his fortune to arrive.  On the strength of that he’s signed up for an office in a rather strange office block.  It’s run by Pd’E who I think might turn out to be a bit more than the real estate agent that Marc thinks she is.

He’s also got himself a receptionist/assistant, SB after she interviewed him, somewhat aggressively I thought, but then again she is super efficient and might be able to instill in him the discipline he really needs to make a go of the business.  Plus she’s a friend of Marc’s new room-mate and between them they can exert a lot of push on the poor hero.

It’s strange how these things happen, but I was sitting and munching on a few crisps, which I don’t normally eat when I thought of the beginnings of what might just turn out to be a major plot line.  This is involving his previous boss CB and the two main villains, AC and his evil twin sister SC.  Sometimes you need an opportunity to think rather than keep plugging away and on this occasion I think it will work out nicely.  I’ve already got a couple of other plot lines in my head.  One was always going to be minor and the other, while it would have been major had started to feel a bit like a cliche.  That can now become less important and the new major plot line should be both unusual and topical enough to please readers.

Lucy the Guardian of the Knowledge

Just a bit part for Lucy as yet.  But she might just pop up later in the story.  It’s coming along quite nicely I think.  I do have a tendency to be a bit wordy sometimes but I guess its easier to write too much and then cut it back later than it is to write too little and end up worrying that you need to pad the story out.

8k words so far including 1600 today.  Our hero has now got enough money to start his business.  Tomorrow he’ll have to find an office and then on to the staff.  I’m looking forward to introducing the staff.  I’ve got some suitably weird characters lined up.  One of the villains SC has at least been mentioned, albeit in passing, but there’s a quite convenient hook to bring her into direct conflict with the hero .

The main villain AC is still waiting out there.  I think his relationship with the hero will be similar to that of SC and I can already see just how they work together, at least in this incarnation.

Stay tuned for more story details later.

Loose Louche is a lousy title

Not a good title I know but it’s all I have at the moment.  Got the main characters sketched out.  their names and attributes are more or less set in stone.  This is intended to be a fairly black and white story.  The good guys and the bad guys should be pretty evident from the start.

Looking for some humour in there which I know can be hard to do, so it’ll be a challenge.  I hope that the characters will persist into later books.   Not looking for a serial, each should be a stand alone story but using the same characters in different situations.  Basically the bad guys try it on and we have to see if/how the good guys can thwart them, I’m not sure they always will.

Main characters include an ex-call centre worker (the hero/narrator) his brother and staff, who I currently know.  But they haven’t actually made an appearance in the draft yet.  The villain, his evil twin sister and their nanny, plus a daemon, some naive victims of the villain and of course a leprechaun.

And by way of a change from what I normally write this first story is told from a first person perspective.  So far I’ve got about 4.5k words done which is a good enough start for a couple of days work so happy enough there.


Not wanting to be thought of as a one trick pony.  There will be books in other categories than Sc-Fi.  I have one in mind it’s set in the current world but with some weird characters and even weirder incidents.  I’m only just getting started on the subject, so it doesn’t even have a title yet.  But it will.