Okay, so it’s now the 6th of November and I’m six days into the NaNo thing. Currently standing at just over 13k words, which is ahead of schedule for the month. Apparently we need 1667 words a day average to hit the target.

I’ve also set myself n 80k word target for the whole book, and an intention to finish that by 30th November. I actually started the writing before 1st Nov so I’m approaching 40k in that target as well.

Feeling pretty confident with both targets at the moment, just waiting to see what real life will put in the way.

The basic story is going well. It’s split itself quite neatly into three parts, the introduction where Simon, the main character decides to make his mark on the literary world. The second part, curently in progress) where his mark is found and acted on by others, and the third part where the consequences are worked out.

One thought on “NaNoWriMo”

  1. I like it when my early drafts show some signs of organization, like three distinct parts. That would be wonderful. Congrats.

    It’s IWSG day, so stopped in to wish you a happy 1st Wednesday in November.

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