Moving On

Work on the new novel is moving on, over 10k words done so far and the story is taking shape. The reason why Marc and Lucy were involved in ‘Luck is a Leprechaun,’ has now been, at least partially, resolved. Although the significance of the old couple in the library is still left hanging.

This story will inevitably spend some time in the Leprechaun’s own world. I’m still thinking about how that’s going to work. At least one or more of the main characters will do some work in there, not sure who yet, although I suspect it might be Manny – he’s spiritual enough.

There’s already been more action in this story, and writing in the third person does give me more flexibility. I can explore what’s going on in the minds of the bad guys and see what they’re up to, the real problem is not letting myself slip back into the first person whenever I’m describing Marc and his activities.