Book Without a Plot – 02

The working title for the NaNoWriMo project says all you really need to know about this piece. (for the moment, at least).

It’s progressing well. I’m aiming to complete the first draft by the end of November. I’ve set my usual overall target for the novel of 80k words and I currently need to complete rather less than 1700 words a day to achieve that figure.

As I’m also using this work as a project in this years NaNoWriMo, I need to manage a total of 50k words during the month. At the current rate of around 2200 a day, I’m on target to manage the 50k by about the 21st of the month. Which is achievable and pretty gratifying if I can manage it.

The only issue currently is that the Main Character is now waiting on a contract being delivered. nothing much can happen until that arrives, so I’m sort of marking time until then. I guess I shouldn’t give in and introduce too many new characters at this stage. So I’ll see if i can just jump the clock forward a few days and keep the momentum going.

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