and a New Character

Been busy for a couple of days so not a lot done, but today achieved the target of 1500 words before noon.  Marc has his first client, although it’s a tricky assignment, involving an idea and loads of muscular and violent opponents.  There are of course time constraints and problems involved in completing the assignment.  But I guess there always will be.

He’s been instructed by SB, his first employee to take on GG as his second.  It’s not really clear at this stage who is in charge here.  Marc, of course thinks it should be him, while SB, of course knows that it’s her.

What Marc doesn’t know yet is what is the relationship between all of the characters around him.  How old is the office building he’s using and just how big is it, really?  He’s not really had time to get his bearings yet.  So let’s keep him running to stay in the same place.

I’m still without a suitable title, but I am starting to think about a proper cover design rather than the bland ones available on the Amazon Cover Designer site.

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