It just gets harder

So Marc and his intrepid team, only GG at the moment, are involved in recovering property for Marc’s first client.  It’s rapidly becoming clear that this is a much bigger and harder nut to crack than they had anticipated.  Uniform security guards outside, plain clothed security guards inside and CCTV all over the place.  I’m not sure if they can actually pull it off – and I’m the one writing it!

No new main characters today, a few minor ones, incidental to what I’m thinking of as ‘the heist’.  The premises to be cracked are impressive to the extent of palatial.  One problem is, once I start to look at this heist, I immediately start to think of other plots and plot lines leading off from this one.  For example, the target was just somebody who ran a few gyms.  But the extent of his home and the need for all this security implies a lot more than just a gym owner.  Drugs? arms? people trafficking? or given the universe that the story exists in, could it be something even worse?

I’ve set my daily target at 1500 words and on a day with not too much else going on I can easily exceed that, done 1650 tonight so it’s good.  Just read a forum post from a very experienced writer who says she can do four 130k word novels a year.  that’s something like 1450 words a day, every single day – very impressive.

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