In the Lion’s Den

So Marc and GG have their prize but now have to try and figure a way to get it out without being caught.  Easier said than done, especially when they’re both in the same van and it’s not their van, and they’re not even driving it.

Getting out might not be the hardest part.  They have to get back in tomorrow and return the prize before it’s missed.

I’m not entirely sure what the prize actually is.  We currently only have the unlikely word of the client, and we don’t know if we can trust her.  Possibly (probably ) not.

This wasn’t intended to be the main plot line, just a sort of relatively simple training exercise sort of outing for Marc and the team.  It seems to have taken on a whole life of its own and it’s getting more and more complicated   the farther into it that Marc moves.

Managed another 2000+ words today.  Total word count is now around 26K, which means we’re slightly more than a quarter of the way to the current target figure of 80k.

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