Looking for Answers

Now that Marc has got GG alone he is trying to get answers as to what is actually going on and what is the meaning of the situation he finds himself in?

I’m not too sure of what the answers are myself and I’m writing it all.  Going to have to sleep on the problem and come up with some answers myself so that we can move the story along.  This is an unusual situation because generally I can see the overall picture in my head and I just need to fill in the detail.   At the moment I can see some of the detail but I don’t really know what comes next.

What i do know is that the villains will be really villainous and the good guys will be really good.  There is very little space in this story for shades of grey.

i have one main character who has yet to put in an appearance, B.  He has more than a whiff of sulfur about him, but he’s the exception to the rule about shades of grey.  He has some redeeming features and a serious crush on one of the goodies, Pd’E.  We’ll have to see how that pans out.

Been managing around 2000 words a day for the last few days.  Now standing around 31K in total.  Still a long way to go but at least I can see progress.

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