By Way of a Change

I decided to take a break from leprechauns and private detectives for today.  Spent most of the morning working on a short story that is currently entitled – Winter 01.  Not very original i know but titles seem to choose themselves when I get to the end of the story.

This is intended to be a detective/police story, set in Victorian times and concerning ‘mysterious goings on’.  I suspect that the story will be unfinished, that is there will be no big Agatha Christie type explanation just before the end.

I’m hoping to submit it to Strange Horizons which is an on-line magazine dedicated to ‘speculative fiction.’  It might be worth taking a chance especially as they pay for publications.  The only down side I can see is that they insist on 10K absolute maximum and they prefer under 5K.  short stories have always been a challenge for me so perhaps having a firm target in mind will do me good.

2500 words today on the short story, I’d previously done about 1,800 words.  I think I’m going to have to accept that either I go over the ‘recommended’ 5K limit and take it from there.

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