Lucy the Guardian of the Knowledge

Just a bit part for Lucy as yet.  But she might just pop up later in the story.  It’s coming along quite nicely I think.  I do have a tendency to be a bit wordy sometimes but I guess its easier to write too much and then cut it back later than it is to write too little and end up worrying that you need to pad the story out.

8k words so far including 1600 today.  Our hero has now got enough money to start his business.  Tomorrow he’ll have to find an office and then on to the staff.  I’m looking forward to introducing the staff.  I’ve got some suitably weird characters lined up.  One of the villains SC has at least been mentioned, albeit in passing, but there’s a quite convenient hook to bring her into direct conflict with the hero .

The main villain AC is still waiting out there.  I think his relationship with the hero will be similar to that of SC and I can already see just how they work together, at least in this incarnation.

Stay tuned for more story details later.

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