Loose Louche is a lousy title

Not a good title I know but it’s all I have at the moment.  Got the main characters sketched out.  their names and attributes are more or less set in stone.  This is intended to be a fairly black and white story.  The good guys and the bad guys should be pretty evident from the start.

Looking for some humour in there which I know can be hard to do, so it’ll be a challenge.  I hope that the characters will persist into later books.   Not looking for a serial, each should be a stand alone story but using the same characters in different situations.  Basically the bad guys try it on and we have to see if/how the good guys can thwart them, I’m not sure they always will.

Main characters include an ex-call centre worker (the hero/narrator) his brother and staff, who I currently know.  But they haven’t actually made an appearance in the draft yet.  The villain, his evil twin sister and their nanny, plus a daemon, some naive victims of the villain and of course a leprechaun.

And by way of a change from what I normally write this first story is told from a first person perspective.  So far I’ve got about 4.5k words done which is a good enough start for a couple of days work so happy enough there.

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