Luck in a Pickle – WIP 3

Looking good, a quarter of the way through, just passed twenty thousand words this evening, when you can get into the habit of writing every day the words just seem to flow.  Definitely good advice to make a point of putting some words out on a regular basis. All of the pro writers seem to give that one piece of advice above all others.
I’m not entirely sure that things are going the way I expected them to, this is definitely a darker story than the first Marc Thyme book. Both from the point of view of the good guys and the bad ones. I’ll probably ask MPD to read the story so far, and see what she says about the change in tone.
All of the old characters have been introduced in the story so far and I’ve got plans for at least two or three more as things¬†progress. One will be a goodie and at least one won’t, in fact I can see lots of bad guys in the next section. It remains to be seen just how bad the baddies can be.

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