Luck in a Pickle – WIP 2

Had a lazy few days when I hardly managed a few hundred words, but topped 1800 today so I’m feeling a bit pleased with myself.  It helps not having any real-life tasks to see to for once.  I’ve no idea how people with full-time jobs could manage to complete a full novel, although quite a few seem to do it.
The story is moving along now. Third person point of view does give you a lot more freedom than first person, but you then have to make sure you don’t stick with one aspect of the story and exclude all others.
I’ve just written an interrogation scene that feels a bit intense so I’m not sure if I’ll keep it in. These stories are supposed to be reasonably light and this scene is anything but that. I’ll have a think about it and see how I feel when I’ve re-read it a few times.
Picked up a nifty little progress bar thingie that now shows on the right side of the page. I’m quite pleased with it. I also managed to get small sized links in the side panel to the three books I’ve completed so far. They look much better than the large ones I had before.
I’m now advertising on Amazon in the US, not had a huge amount of success yet, but with the adverts, and the re-designed cover of Luck is a Leprechaun, maybe we’ll start to get noticed a bit more.

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