Luck in a Pickle – WIP 4

Well, Marc and Lucy are off on their big journey – or at least the first of their big journeys. I rather think they’ll have to take at least one more before they’ve finished. I do think that this might be a tad more adventurous than they anticipated. But I also think I’ll need to re-write the build up to it.  It feels a bit clunky at the moment. It seems to have elements of Lord of the Rings or something similar lurking about in there.
Camber and Longfellow have had an altercation that ended with L being found in a somewhat unlikely position. Another area that I think will need to be re-visited and tidied up a bit.
But at least I’m cracking on with the story now. Currently over 24k, and I’ve managed about 1500 words each of the last three days, which is encouraging.

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