NaNoWriMo – The Gift

Provisional title The Gift. I’ll probably change it once there’s a bit more content. 

The story will be based on a short that I did for my local creative writing group. 

Plot involves a small(ish) town vicar and his struggle against a Satanist cult. 

Characters include some undead (not zombies). And their supporters. Our hero, his fiancée/wife. A friend? His uncle, a retired bishop, who’s close to death. And no doubt a few more minor characters along the way. 

I will need to prepare a few  key scenes, at least in outline and probably a suitable timeline as well if I’m going to hit the targets along the way. 

Winter Not so Wonderland

Unwelcome Visitors is currently getting all of the attention. Currently standing at thirty-three thousand words. we’ve progressed to now know the situation in the neighbouring village, and its not good. Our hero has resolved to investigate and is, even as we speak, en route to do so.

One of the sub-villains, the heroes’ current boss is descending into panic induced paralysis, or so it seems. a refusal to acknowledge the seriosness of the situation and a fond belief in his own adequacy are conspiring to add him to the list of issues that have to be dealt with before the matter can be resolved.

Fortunately help is at hand, or at least not too far away. the lovely Felicity has summoned her old tutor to assist her in a scientific analysis of the problem and the ultimate boss is off doing ‘something’ although we’re not sure yet exactly what that is.

i’ve set a provisional target date for completion of the first draft as 31st October 2019. that currently means about one thousand words a day which isn’t too bad. just let’s hope that nothing else gets in the way.

Back Again

Just realised that it’s been such a long time since the last entry. In my own defence I’ve been busy with all sorts for the last few months, but now I’m getting back on track and will be keeping this site much more up to date.

Done a bit of work on the Luck is a Leprechaun book but also resurrected the Unwelcome Visitors book that I started early last year. I’m not entirely sure which one will be finished first but the intention is to finish them both., so away we go.