Book Without a Plot – 01

Got all of the plot for the next novel sorted. A complete change of pace this time. It’ll be more of a slightly surreal, humorous satire.

I don’t want to say too much at this time, but I pretty well know exactly where it’s going. I have a few characters in mind, including a hero and a villain and a number of minor characters, some of who will grow into more important parts and of course, some of whom may not.

I’ve promised my better half, that there will be no explosions, car chases or marauding aliens and she’s signalled her pleasure with this situation, so all is good.

Unwelcome Visitors

The first draft is now complete, around 78,500 words, done and dusted. I’ll print off a hard copy for editing later today and then put it away for a little while, probably until NaNoWriMo is out of the way. Hopefully, Mrs D will give it a serious going over first. I’m aware of a few things that will definitely need some attention and re-writing, and I know I left a few ‘hooks’ in there to be followed through. Not least the journalist who only appears in one scene but really should make more of a nuisance of himself.

Still, you can’t edit until it’s written and now it is, so onwards and upwards.

I’ve had something of a change of heart about the November Project. It was going to be a sort of modern Gothic horror story with supernatural overtones. I’ve had the whole thing plotted out and ready to go for a couple of weeks now. Then I had a change of heart, I’ve decided to go for a satire, on the publishing industry and the pretentious so and so’s who float around the outskirts of academia.

Watch this space.

NaNoWriMo – The Gift

Provisional title The Gift. I’ll probably change it once there’s a bit more content. 

The story will be based on a short that I did for my local creative writing group. 

Plot involves a small(ish) town vicar and his struggle against a Satanist cult. 

Characters include some undead (not zombies). And their supporters. Our hero, his fiancée/wife. A friend? His uncle, a retired bishop, who’s close to death. And no doubt a few more minor characters along the way. 

I will need to prepare a few  key scenes, at least in outline and probably a suitable timeline as well if I’m going to hit the targets along the way.