Strange Horizons

Just had a rejection email from Strange Horizons for my story, ‘A Winters Tale.’ I have to say I’m not surprised, my story when I had a deeper look at their output was not a good fit for them.  It’s a fairly straight forward beginning, middle and a rather brutal end sort of thing, whereas their stories seem to be more fluid in their approach to story telling. Not to worry. Now I can use it elsewhere.

It’s probably a bit too long to add to the other short stories on here (5000 words), and it will I think, make a decent opening chapter for a full length novel. It’s set in 1873 and located on the moors in the North of England. The basic premise although it wasn’t explicit in the short version is, ‘How would the Victorians deal with an alien presence?’

It’s going to have to take its place in the queue of projects that I’ve already got in mind. But it won’t be forgotten.

Also added a couple more short stories to the site. Follow the link on the right of this page.

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