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In total I received a dozen critiques from Critters Workshop.  The general consensus seemed to be good. People like the story and the way it’s being told, although the fact I labelled it incorrectly as a short story rather than a novel confused some of the reviewers. I won’t make that mistake again.

I’ve made a point of going through the work, and checking the punctuation and grammar generally and made quite a few corrections as a result.  Also made some slight clarifications to the text. There are a few British/American discrepances that I’ve tried to resolve, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

I stand by my earlier comment that the critticism process is valuable and useful, especially if, like me, you’re starting out. I will repeat with later sections of the work.

Currently running over 66k words. I’ve been careful to add more action, and I feel we are approaching some sort of climax. The newest (and, maybe final) character hasn’t yet made an appearance but I do have a vitally important task for him when he gets here.

The one thing that is still causing me concern is the title. I’m still looking for one.

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