Here come the bad guys

Another 2.5k words so far today. Things are maybe getting closer to a conclusion. Now trapped in the quarry and probably running low on ammunition what is our hero going to do? He’s already lost one of his men and looks likely to lose some more, if not all of them.

The good news is he’s maybe saved somebody’s life, a small percentage of those at risk. Will it be enough? Can he save some more? Can he save his own? Stay tuned to see the outcome of this thrilling tale. </advert> 😉

In the meantime, early morning writing seems to be working out okay. I’m managing about 500 words an hour, and with near enough 55k words out of a target 75k, I should be able to get the first draft done before the end of October to make way for the new story in November.

If I can manage it, I could actually follow Stephen King’s advice and put the draft of this month’s novel away for a full month before starting to edit it in a second draft. Who knows?

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