Slow Going

Crime writing is somewhat new to me so things are going to take a while to develop but at least I’ve got five thousand words down since I started it. Current title is ‘Linked Secrets’ although that might change later.

A DCI and a DS are running the case, but they still don’t know who the deceased is. a slightly mutilated body in a shallow grave is a reasonable starting point for a murder mystery.  I have an idea that there will be a few more bodies before the case is solved. Still wondering if the case is because of a single incident, like a blackmail, or if its just a random pyscho killing. I guess all will be revealed in due course.

Heard back from Valley Press about the Lemmie book.  they aim to give me a decision by the end of August, so at least they have received it and not dismissed it out of hand, which is at least mildly encouraging.

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