Progress is being made

Well my first thought was about 15k words as a prequel.  I reached that with ‘just the big battle scene to craft’ so I extended the expectation to 20k words.  I just passed 20k this evening and still feel that over half the scene is still to come.  Maybe 25-30k words in the first draft.

I will definately hack some (lots) of the dross out of the earlier parts, although probably not the very beginning, which I quite like.

Just got Hemingway software today.  It claims to simplify and streamline your text.  It spots sections that are difficult to understand, unneeded words, etc.  looks like a useful piece of software.  I ran the first draft very quickly through it this afternoon and was more than a little embarrassed at how much it thought was wrong.  In my defence, this was just a very rough first draft.


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