Early Mornings

I’m not sure how long it will last, but I’ve been waking rather early lately, and rather than waste the mornings, getting stuck into the novel.  I can manage about 1200 words between 5 and 7 am. it’s nice to get the daily figure out of the way before the day really starts.

I currently try and do a quick(ish) edit of the previous day’s output before starting on new writing, so those two hours before 7 am feel pretty productive.

Currently, our hero lies buried in a snowdrift, awaiting rescue. I hope somebody finds him before he suffers any irreparable harm, somehow I suspect they will.

In the meantime, back at the ranch, the anti-hero has just made a complete ass of himself during an interview with a reporter and compounded his error by holding the interview in front of a dozen local residents who are now going to spread the word PANIC in large letters all over town.

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