Unwelcome Visitors

The first draft is now complete, around 78,500 words, done and dusted. I’ll print off a hard copy for editing later today and then put it away for a little while, probably until NaNoWriMo is out of the way. Hopefully, Mrs D will give it a serious going over first. I’m aware of a few things that will definitely need some attention and re-writing, and I know I left a few ‘hooks’ in there to be followed through. Not least the journalist who only appears in one scene but really should make more of a nuisance of himself.

Still, you can’t edit until it’s written and now it is, so onwards and upwards.

I’ve had something of a change of heart about the November Project. It was going to be a sort of modern Gothic horror story with supernatural overtones. I’ve had the whole thing plotted out and ready to go for a couple of weeks now. Then I had a change of heart, I’ve decided to go for a satire, on the publishing industry and the pretentious so and so’s who float around the outskirts of academia.

Watch this space.

Very Close

I set the target as 75k words, and the end date as 31/10/19. Just about there for the word count, but still not finished with the story. Still, it’s a bit of the pressure off for the numbers. 
I can see the end of the main part of the story and I’m almost there, just the final rescue left and then a sort of last look at our hero to see how he’s fared.  I fancy he’ll have some sort of future call on his services but I’m not sure yet if I’ll write about it.
The aim is to clear the decks for November en try and produce 50k words then at least. NaNoWriMo calls

An Interlude

We were out last night, at Kinky Boots in Blackpool. Super show, really enjoyed the performance and had a great night. We were with a group of friends and everybody was enthusiastic about how good the show was. I can heartily recommend it to anybody for  good night out. It was interesting to see how closely the story arc matched the template laid out in the book, Save the Cat Writes a Novel. I actually think I’m beginning to understand the connection now.

Consequently, was late in bed last night and so slept later this morning. So no early morning writing today.

The good news is that I’ve still managed to get 2200 words done since breakfast, and that’s the target reached and passed for today.

The bad news is that our hero is still trapped and rescue is still hours away. I only hope he can survive. At least the cavalry are a bit better informed than they were, even though they have no idea how to respond to the information they’ve been given.

Now that would be a Bad Idea

So, another 2800 words today and the story is starting to look like it might reach some sort of conclusion. Our hero remains trapped, he and his men have no way out and they’ve also ended up with a lot more responsibility than they anticipated.

One of the options he has might well result in the mother of all explosions, if he’s not careful.

Can they be rescued anyway, before they are overwhelmed and if so, will they all get out in one piece?

The target for the whole thing is about 75k words and we’re now at 58k. It really needs to be done and dusted well before the end of the month and that looks pretty likely. Early mornings seem to be the way forward.

Here come the bad guys

Another 2.5k words so far today. Things are maybe getting closer to a conclusion. Now trapped in the quarry and probably running low on ammunition what is our hero going to do? He’s already lost one of his men and looks likely to lose some more, if not all of them.

The good news is he’s maybe saved somebody’s life, a small percentage of those at risk. Will it be enough? Can he save some more? Can he save his own? Stay tuned to see the outcome of this thrilling tale. </advert> 😉

In the meantime, early morning writing seems to be working out okay. I’m managing about 500 words an hour, and with near enough 55k words out of a target 75k, I should be able to get the first draft done before the end of October to make way for the new story in November.

If I can manage it, I could actually follow Stephen King’s advice and put the draft of this month’s novel away for a full month before starting to edit it in a second draft. Who knows?

Come into my Parlour…

Managed another 2300 words this morning. the target date is actually starting to look quite achievable. And for once I can see where the story is going.

So our hero thinks everything is hunky-dory, does he? Well, he probably doesn’t, but he’s living in hope. He obviously isn’t aware of the power of wireless connectivity and remote sensing devices, (it is the late 19th century after all).

I suspect he’s going to be mightily surprised when the results of his ignorance are pointed out to him, (by the bad guys).

At least we’ve been able to get rid of his idiot boss and install someone who has more idea of what’s what. I just hope he can do something in the time left. Speaking of which, we’ve never actually set any deadlines, have we. Not for our hero at least. My own deadline is the end of October, so I can clear the decks for NaNoWriMo, which starts on 1st November.

Fun and Games?

Another 1800 words before breakfast today and things are starting to warm up, in the snow. Our heroine and tutor have started to stir things up at police HQ, while our hero has arrived at his quarry, thanks to what I am thinking of as a ‘half-rescue’ (more on that later).

Not touched the anti-hero today, he had enough attention yesterday and the day before so he can wait a while.

One of the many great advantages of using Scrivener to write this sort of story is the ease with which you can hop from one part of the story to another and then back again.

I’ve laid the story out in chapters and each chapter contains several separate scenes, these can be edited in any order and even moved around to put them into a final order whenever you want.

Winter Not so Wonderland

Unwelcome Visitors is currently getting all of the attention. Currently standing at thirty-three thousand words. we’ve progressed to now know the situation in the neighbouring village, and its not good. Our hero has resolved to investigate and is, even as we speak, en route to do so.

One of the sub-villains, the heroes’ current boss is descending into panic induced paralysis, or so it seems. a refusal to acknowledge the seriosness of the situation and a fond belief in his own adequacy are conspiring to add him to the list of issues that have to be dealt with before the matter can be resolved.

Fortunately help is at hand, or at least not too far away. the lovely Felicity has summoned her old tutor to assist her in a scientific analysis of the problem and the ultimate boss is off doing ‘something’ although we’re not sure yet exactly what that is.

i’ve set a provisional target date for completion of the first draft as 31st October 2019. that currently means about one thousand words a day which isn’t too bad. just let’s hope that nothing else gets in the way.

Back Again

Just realised that it’s been such a long time since the last entry. In my own defence I’ve been busy with all sorts for the last few months, but now I’m getting back on track and will be keeping this site much more up to date.

Done a bit of work on the Luck is a Leprechaun book but also resurrected the Unwelcome Visitors book that I started early last year. I’m not entirely sure which one will be finished first but the intention is to finish them both., so away we go.

Luck in a Pickle – WIP 5

Coming along steadily, I topped 31k words today, so that’s a nice feeling – it’s progressing. Marc and Lucy are off on their own little adventure, SC is having some success in her nefarious deeds, so she’s feeling happy and  we’re   just at the point where Lofty and Mannie are thinking about making some progress of their own.

Luck in a Pickle is of course just a working title at the moment, I’m still thinking about changing it to something else when we get towards the end, but I remember what a struggle it was to come up with a title for the first in this series.

Never Again, the prequel to Electra is going to be a free give away  from Amazon for five days starting 11th September, so people can download the electronic version for nothing. Feel free.