Short Story – It’s Done

It’s Done

Well, we’ve done it. They said it couldn’t be done. But we’ve done it. They even said it shouldn’t be done. We were foolish to try. It had been tried before and it was clear that it just couldn’t be done. But we’ve done it.

We checked the experts, the scientists, the engineers. We went to the people who had tried. And failed. They told us why they couldn’t do it and why therefore it was that we couldn’t do it. How we’d stop, we’d get stuck. Where we’d lose our way. How we’d lose our money. Why we’d lose our minds. And they said, they all said “It can’t be done.” But we did it.

We went to the fount of all knowledge. The Oracle, the One who Knew. She said, “My friends, I have worried over this for long. Long before the mountains had risen. Long before the rivers flowed down the mountainsides, before the lakes and seas had been given names. I thought on this before even the great beasts of the plains had gathered in their multitudes, before the fish had spawned in the seas. And I say unto you, ‘It can’t be bloody done.’”

We sought out the great minds, the thinkers, the seekers after truth. Those who, in their wisdom had done great things. Had thought great thoughts. Had solved deep problems, they who had sought the meaning of life, the universe and everything and had come to know the what and the why and even where the answers could be found. They who had worked and fought and even died for the knowledge that mankind lusts after; that is essential for the continuation of the spirit of humanity. That transcends mere mortal longings. That raises us up into the light of the gods. And they said, “Go and see the Oracle. At least she knows what the hell is going on.”

We meditated, we concentrated, we even constipated. We worried, we scurried, we even curried. We looked and hooked, and read and fed and once we even went to bed. Our goal shone ahead of all we did. Our aim was true and through and through we did not falter for we knew that should we slip or let our gaze slide off our target we would fail and all would say. “Now be told. It can’t be done.”

And after all that we had seen, and after all that we had been. As student and seeker. As pupil and master. After all that we had learned, the costs and losses. The trials and hardships, the heartaches and setbacks, the paths that led us on to nowhere, the chasms that opened before us, the worries that we were lost, that our cause was hopeless. That our quest would founder like a ship against uncharted rocks.

We just went out and did it.

The only question that now remains is, what do we do next?