Getting closer?

Do we get closer to the end as we write more?  I’ve done another 1500 words this morning and had hoped that I’d be almost done with the first draft by now.  Yet I could go on, and on, and on… and still not arrive at an ending.

I still need to read and edit the whole thing and then sort out a cover and I still can’t think of a decent name for the finished product.

I was interrupted for a few minutes of fun this morning, by a call from ‘Jack’ who had pretty good English but with a decidedly Indian accent.  He was calling from ‘Microsoft Security’ who he said had just installed a security patch on my Windows computer.  He wanted to take over my computer so he could show me and ‘help to keep my computer secure.’  The pity of it was I’m a bit to busy for that sort of help at the moment, plus I don’t actually use a Windows computer.  Perhaps he mistook me for someone else.  Like maybe an idiot.

I’m not going to get much done this afternoon.  Got to go for a saxophone lesson in an hour.  Let’s hope I can tie this prequel thing up tonight.