Still Working on it.

So, the ending has sill not materialised, but I’m getting a few thoughts about it. I have several other projects that are waiting in the wings, for either completion or commencement and I really need to finish off the Book Without a Story.

Today might be a bit busy, but while I might not get much writing done, at least I can think about what I need to do.

This morning I had an idea on how to move the next project forward. A while ago I heard a song that described a character who, while dark and mysterious, seemed to have all of the elements needed to make a great antagonist.  But I couldn’t put a storyline with him, so I put him away for a while. Just lately I have been thinking about a new story but couldn’t get an antagonist to fit.  I now see that the two ideas can fit together perfectly. I have a protagonist and an antagonist. A clash, a conflict and at least a partial resolution.

All I need to do now is finish the current work and move on.