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Curriculum Vitae - Bernard Davis

Born: 1948
Place of Birth: Bolton, Lancashire
Marital Status: Married
Nationality: British
Based in: Penwortham,
Telephone/Fax:(01772) 751465


M. Phil (University of Central Lancashire) 1995
B.A. (Open University) 1981
GCE: A levels: 2 (Part-time Adult Education).
GCE: O Levels: 5


From the age of 16 to 49yrs., worked for Lancashire Constabulary, starting as a police cadet and ending as an Inspector.
Duties during this time ranged from patrol to being involved in project management and computer development. The last three years spent in charge of the IT Training Unit Lancashire Constabulary Headquarters.
49yrs. Retired from police and signed 6 month contract to King George V College, Southport. ILT Support Tutor
49 - present Self employed multimedia and computer services contracting.
50 . present Part time ILT Support Tutor King George V College, Southport.

Major Projects

Project managed the introduction of the Extended Fixed Penalty System into Lancashire 1982-84, including Operational Requirement and implementation, testing and training.
Oversaw the IT aspects of the introduction of Command and Control System in Lancashire Constabulary 1984 -1986, including producing Operational Requirement and implementation, testing and training.
Force representative and founder member of Police Multimedia User Group 1995 to 1997.
Member of organising committee, Police Multimedia User Group National Conferences, 1996 & 1997.
Force representative on Operational Patrolling Skills, multimedia training project for seven force collaboration (involving Sanderson CBT).
User Assurance Co-ordinator on the Common Data Model (Project Assurance Team), part of the National Strategy for Police Information Systems (NSPIS), 1996 to 1997.
Member of the Information Management Advisory Group, part of the National Strategy for Police Information Systems, 1997 to 1997.
Project manager of Conservative Conference Pass Project, 1996 to 1997.
Project manager of Lancashire Constabulary Home Page Project (Internet) 1997.
Produced training program for Police National Legal Database, (Unix simulation in Authorware).
External Consultant responsible for producing multimedia training programs for Zimbabwe Republic Police 1998.
Provided training course for Zimbabwe Republic Police in multimedia authoring skills 1998.
Produce investigative interview multimedia training program for Lancashire Constabulary.
Web Master - King George V College Southport
Numerous Web-sites developed and published

Authorware Experience

Used Authorware, versions 2 to 7.01, 1994 to present.
Attended Authorware, basic and advanced courses Huddersfield University 1995.
Produced a wide variety of training packages on legal, academic and industrial topics 1995-present.
Provided training in Authorware usage 1998 to present.
Co-organiser/presenter of EuroTAAC 2002. International Authorware Conference
Presenter at EuroTAAC 2005. International Authorware Conference.

DreamWeaver Experience

Used DreamWeaver, versions 2 to MX2004, 1998 to present.
Provided DreamWeaver training, basic to advanced 1999 to present

Additional Skills

Responsible for producing and delivering training courses in Microsoft Office programs and bespoke IT systems.
Liasing with personnel from board level to general user as to the needs of organisations and individual users for using and training in a wide variety of IT and IT related topics.
Liasing with teaching staff to specify and deliver packages in a wide range of academic (non-IT) subjects.
Adult training in HTML, Microsoft Office products, Authorware and general IT subjects (CLAIT and ECDL).
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