A Snowy Day in Lancs.

I saw that Moscow had the worst snowfall for 100 years this week.  A month’s fall in two days.  i can sympathise with them, we had what might have been our worst snow fall for 100 years today.  it snowed for nearly three hours.  You could almost see the white on the lawn.

Fortunately we survived and even if we were snowed in and unable to get out at least I was still able to get some work done on the prequel.  Over two thousand words today, so I’m quite pleased with that.

I’d originally decided about 15k for this short book, I’m almost at that now and still got the big war scene at the end to craft, so it looks like it’s going to get closer to 20k than 15.

Writing Today

Put together 2000 words this morning then had to go and collect daughter from hospital after an operation, she’s fine, no ill effects at the moment.

I was frankly surprised to get so much done in the time I had.

This puts the publish date as probably some time next week

I’m still casting around for a suitable title though: ‘Beginnings’ is just so non-descript.

Writing Today

Today I’ve done over 1800 words for ‘Beginnings’.  Takes the total up towards 10k which means its about two thirds done.  Target for this prequel is in the region of 15k.  I still need to think of a better title though.

I don’t actually like short stories, but this one is intended as a teaser for Electra and shows what happened before the events in that book and how the ships came to be created and what, if anything they learned about the behaviour of the Hua.

Just for the record Electra: Book 1 of Seven Sisters Series is about 88k which translates to around 300 pages in paperback format.


Not wanting to be thought of as a one trick pony.  There will be books in other categories than Sc-Fi.  I have one in mind it’s set in the current world but with some weird characters and even weirder incidents.  I’m only just getting started on the subject, so it doesn’t even have a title yet.  But it will.

A Prequel to the Series

With a working title of ‘Beginnings’ (original or what?)  the prequel to Electra is currently sitting at 8500 words.  I’m aiming for a total of about 15-20000 words. to put that into context, Electra was 88000, and in a paperback edition runs to around 300 pages, so Beginnings will be about a bit less than a quarter of that.  It’s intended to be a teaser for the series and an explanation of the origins of the Seven Sisters rather than a novel in its own right.

And just for the record, the fact that there are seven sisters doesn’t mean that there will be seven books in the series.  I’m not sure yet how many there will be but some of the books will focus on more than one sister.