Loose Louche is a lousy title

Not a good title I know but it’s all I have at the moment.  Got the main characters sketched out.  their names and attributes are more or less set in stone.  This is intended to be a fairly black and white story.  The good guys and the bad guys should be pretty evident from the start.

Looking for some humour in there which I know can be hard to do, so it’ll be a challenge.  I hope that the characters will persist into later books.   Not looking for a serial, each should be a stand alone story but using the same characters in different situations.  Basically the bad guys try it on and we have to see if/how the good guys can thwart them, I’m not sure they always will.

Main characters include an ex-call centre worker (the hero/narrator) his brother and staff, who I currently know.  But they haven’t actually made an appearance in the draft yet.  The villain, his evil twin sister and their nanny, plus a daemon, some naive victims of the villain and of course a leprechaun.

And by way of a change from what I normally write this first story is told from a first person perspective.  So far I’ve got about 4.5k words done which is a good enough start for a couple of days work so happy enough there.

Up and Running – Fully

Sorted out the issue with publishing the paperback version of Never Again it seems there’s a conflict between the latest version of Mac OS and the Print Previewer on Amazon.  Fortunately I could use my backup laptop that uses Linux and that worked with no problem.

I’ve ordered my copy of the paperback, should be here on Tuesday.  I’ll check that out first and then think about marketing properly.

In the meantime I’ve started on Loose Louche.  There’s no expected end date yet. It could be a couple or three months.

Up and Running (sort of)

Never Again The Prequel to Seven Sisters Series is now published.  At least in epub form.  For some reason the paperback version is reluctant to complete.  Not to worry I’ll have another go at it tomorrow.  I only really wanted to publish this version in ebook form anyway.

Next on the list is a thriller, hopefully with some comic elements.  Got a few of the characters named and described already, at least in my head.  Some of them have already appeared in very short story form over the past eighteen months or so.  Got a working title of Loose Louche, but that has to change, obviously.

Once that’s out of the way, I’ll get to work on Maia: Book 2 in Seven Sisters Series.  Got the chapter headings for that loosely sorted out.

Hopping from one genre to another should help to avoid getting bored.

Slowly but (not so) surely

Never Again is now fully drafted and has had its first edit.  Still not entirely convinced that all the parts are necessary or that they all work, so I’ll probably print it out today some time and read the hard copy.  It currently runs to 120 pages  but that’s with the extra line spacing that Word seems to put in when I import from Scrivener.

Not to worry, I have styles set up that should take care of all that.  Plus I need to separate the whole thing into magaeable chapters and create a Table of Contents for the e-version.

Looks like with a bit of luck I might make this week-end after all.

Success after a fashion

The first draft of the prequel is now complete.  The final word count was about 31k.  And today I managed over 6k words which is rather more than I intended to do in one day but when the mood strikes you, you have to go with it.

Now I’m into editing and some minor re-writing.  The Hemingway program is actually very powerful and it really makes you think about how you should be writing the book in the first place.  I guess it’s something to aim for, the hope that I can put a book into Hemingway and have it report, ‘Nope, nothing to see here.’

Also decided on a definitive title for the book.  it will be named ‘Never Again.’  Which is a quote from one of the characters, not a plea after writing this one.

Getting closer?

Do we get closer to the end as we write more?  I’ve done another 1500 words this morning and had hoped that I’d be almost done with the first draft by now.  Yet I could go on, and on, and on… and still not arrive at an ending.

I still need to read and edit the whole thing and then sort out a cover and I still can’t think of a decent name for the finished product.

I was interrupted for a few minutes of fun this morning, by a call from ‘Jack’ who had pretty good English but with a decidedly Indian accent.  He was calling from ‘Microsoft Security’ who he said had just installed a security patch on my Windows computer.  He wanted to take over my computer so he could show me and ‘help to keep my computer secure.’  The pity of it was I’m a bit to busy for that sort of help at the moment, plus I don’t actually use a Windows computer.  Perhaps he mistook me for someone else.  Like maybe an idiot.

I’m not going to get much done this afternoon.  Got to go for a saxophone lesson in an hour.  Let’s hope I can tie this prequel thing up tonight.

A prequel or a saga?

So today I managed around 5k words.  I was out this evening or it might have been more!

The big battle scene isn’t quite as big. But I left an opening for a sequel to the prequel!  So I guess that will have to do.

The first draft should be done tomorrow or the day after, and then it’s editing and re-writing and prep for publishing. Not sure if it’ll be only ePub or paperback.

Plus of course I need a name for it.

Progress is being made

Well my first thought was about 15k words as a prequel.  I reached that with ‘just the big battle scene to craft’ so I extended the expectation to 20k words.  I just passed 20k this evening and still feel that over half the scene is still to come.  Maybe 25-30k words in the first draft.

I will definately hack some (lots) of the dross out of the earlier parts, although probably not the very beginning, which I quite like.

Just got Hemingway software today.  It claims to simplify and streamline your text.  It spots sections that are difficult to understand, unneeded words, etc.  looks like a useful piece of software.  I ran the first draft very quickly through it this afternoon and was more than a little embarrassed at how much it thought was wrong.  In my defence, this was just a very rough first draft.


What a change

So, we had snow on Tuesday, glorious sunshine on Wednesday and today it’s pouring with rain.  I guess we don’t have a climate, just weather and lots of it.

Not going to get many words added today, been out during the day at art class, and out during the evening volunteering at the Lowther, our local theatre.