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Authorware Links

Here are links to the some of the many friendly and useful links within the Authorware community:
The home of Authorware. You can download a demonstration copy of the program plus many essentials from this site.
The home of Authroware users in the UK.
The European Alternative Authorware Conference
The (original) Alternative Authorware Conference
Search the archives of the Aware mailing list for answers to almost any question about Authorware.
Tomorrow's Key an independant Authorware consultant and the home of one of the recognised Authorware gurus
The North Texas Authorware User Group. Home of the International local user group of North Texas.
Many useful U32's and tips, models and links to other Authorware sites
Many useful models, UCd and Xtras.  Also the home site of the author of the definitive functions and variables book for Authorware.
Authorware Models and Examples and a lot of really cool music.
Organisers of The Alternative Authorware Conference (TAAC) including details of presentations, and numerous useful pieces of information for Authorware developers.
The Authorware Resource Center
Make this an early stopping place when looking for tips tricks, UCD's and the like.
A developer in the United Kingdom who specialises in both CD and Web based training programs
Not an Authorware site but one that offers over 1,000,000 images and 1,700 fonts, ready to download. Cheap subscriptions and free samples, too.
If you have an Authorware web site and would like to be included in this list please contact us and we can swap links.
Broken links? Please let us know and we'll get them fixed.
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