Progress is being made

Well my first thought was about 15k words as a prequel.  I reached that with ‘just the big battle scene to craft’ so I extended the expectation to 20k words.  I just passed 20k this evening and still feel that over half the scene is still to come.  Maybe 25-30k words in the first draft.

I will definately hack some (lots) of the dross out of the earlier parts, although probably not the very beginning, which I quite like.

Just got Hemingway software today.  It claims to simplify and streamline your text.  It spots sections that are difficult to understand, unneeded words, etc.  looks like a useful piece of software.  I ran the first draft very quickly through it this afternoon and was more than a little embarrassed at how much it thought was wrong.  In my defence, this was just a very rough first draft.


A Prequel to the Series

With a working title of ‘Beginnings’ (original or what?)  the prequel to Electra is currently sitting at 8500 words.  I’m aiming for a total of about 15-20000 words. to put that into context, Electra was 88000, and in a paperback edition runs to around 300 pages, so Beginnings will be about a bit less than a quarter of that.  It’s intended to be a teaser for the series and an explanation of the origins of the Seven Sisters rather than a novel in its own right.

And just for the record, the fact that there are seven sisters doesn’t mean that there will be seven books in the series.  I’m not sure yet how many there will be but some of the books will focus on more than one sister.