All Over the Place

Been away and busy for a while, so this hasn’t been updated recently. But now I’m back and getting stuck in again.

Last week we were at the Harrogate Crime Writers Festival. Some very interesting speakers and some very big names – Lee Child, John Grisham,  Ann Cleves, Val McDiarmid etc. Plus quite a few names that were new to me and new authors mixed in there as well. Quite inspiring to hear some of these people speak, how and why they did what they did.

I’ve put Lemmie and crew to one side for a little while and I’m now having a look at writing a crime story, a murder/police procedural. It’s not clear yet how far I’ll get with it but watch this space and keep up.

I submitted the manuscrioptfor Luck is a Leprechaun to Valley Press just on the off chance that they might publish it in a traditional way. They say they’ll reply within about 30 days, so here’s hoping.