An Interlude

We were out last night, at Kinky Boots in Blackpool. Super show, really enjoyed the performance and had a great night. We were with a group of friends and everybody was enthusiastic about how good the show was. I can heartily recommend it to anybody forĀ  good night out. It was interesting to see how closely the story arc matched the template laid out in the book, Save the Cat Writes a Novel. I actually think I’m beginning to understand the connection now.

Consequently, was late in bed last night and so slept later this morning. So no early morning writing today.

The good news is that I’ve still managed to get 2200 words done since breakfast, and that’s the target reached and passed for today.

The bad news is that our hero is still trapped and rescue is still hours away. I only hope he can survive. At least the cavalry are a bit better informed than they were, even though they have no idea how to respond to the information they’ve been given.

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